It’s no secret that selling insurance can be difficult. You are selling your clients trust, and insurance is an intangible idea that they cannot hold or take home with them after your meeting, but you are selling them a promise. Because of this it can be difficult for younger or more inexperienced insurance agents to make sales. When your clients buy, they buy into you, you are their insurance agent. Here are some tips from us on how to be taken more seriously and close more sales.

       Dress more professionally. This one is pretty obvious, the more professional you look, the more serious your clients or prospective clients will take you. This also works for your boss and coworkers. If you are always one of the best dressed in the office, you will get noticed.

       Avoid slang. Avoid alienating your client by using slang. This can destroy a client’s trust in you and make them see you as some young kid that doesn’t know what they are talking about.

       Find some common ground. Get a feel for your clients, figure out what they like, what they dislike, and then find what you agree with them on. This is the first step towards building a relationship with your client.

       Ask them about their kids. If you are selling to someone much older than yourself, ask about kids and or grandkids. This can form a link in their brain between you and their loved ones, and will make them more sympathetic to what you are saying.

       Reference your combined experience. This is one time where it is ok to name drop. If you are the youngest salesperson in your agency, don’t be afraid to mention how long the agency has been around, or how much experience the agency has as a whole. If an agency that has been around for 50 years trusts you, then so can your clients.

       Don’t be afraid to sell to young people. You will have a distinct advantage in this category, people your own age. Younger people are more likely to trust someone around their same age, and you will probably have more in common with them, so it should be easier to sell to them!

       Don’t be afraid to be young. Inject some enthusiasm into your job. Buying insurance is boring for most people, so make it a fun experience for them

The best piece of advice we can give to any young person starting off in any field is just to work hard. If you work hard and keep at it, success will find you sooner or later.