How to Generate Leads as a Small Agency

June 2, 2017

As a small agency, you don’t have the budget of large companies to generate leads, and that’s ok. It does not mean that you are completely out the game, just that you have to do it a bit differently than the national brands. Here are a few ways that your agency can generate more leads for less money.


In today’s day and age, everyone googles everything, and with Google Adwords, your agency can show up in front of prospective clients as they are searching for insurance. Essentially what Adwords, or search advertising, does is that when people search for certain key words, your ad is shown to them. This can be a relatively cheap and easy way to get leads, as you can set a daily budget you want to spend and it will not exceed that.

Display Advertising

Display advertising is basically the banner ads and sidebar ads you see on websites. If you are having a special event or are sponsoring an event, this can be a great way to get your name out there and generate some impressions.

Make a referral system

The most powerful marketing tool is word of mouth. People trust their friends and family way more than any ad. Establish some referral incentive program for employees and clients who refer new business to you.

Follow through on existing leads

Once you start getting leads, respond to them right away. If someone is reaching out to you, there is a very good chance they are shopping around, and it’s usually the company that responds first that gets the business.

Just because you aren’t a national brand, doesn’t mean you can’t generate leads like one, so get your name out there and get people’s business!