On its face, the insurance industry isn’t necessarily enticing or sexy to Millennials searching for a job. Millennials seem to be redefining the idea of “corporate” and are searching for jobs that not only pay the bills, but inspire and allow them to feel like they’re making a difference in the world. Young people are moving away from what they view as monotonous office culture into something more meaningful.

For Millennials right now, it seems to be all about tech start-ups and digital companies with office ping-pong tables and casual dress codes. All of that may be fine and dandy, but it doesn’t discredit an insurance career and the ways it can meet the evolving job standards of Millennials. In fact, insurance careers are a great match for Millennials and the things they desire in a job. Here’s why:

Every day is different

It’s said that Millennials have short attention spans and thrive in environments that are constantly changing. An insurance agent is hardly bound to a desk all day; they’re out prospecting, meeting with clients, collaborating with their team, attending networking events, and more. Being independent means having a flexible work schedule without the burden of having someone make sure you’re clocking in at 9 and out at 5 every day. There really is no “typical day” for an insurance agent, and it’s far from the dreaded b-word, boring.

Young target markets, aging workforce

Millennials are reaching the age where they need to purchase their own insurance, and they’re quickly becoming the largest group of insurance customers. However, the average age of an insurance industry professional is 54. Millennials purchase differently than their baby boomer and older counterparts, in ways that the current insurance workforce may not understand. Simply put, Millennials understand Millennials, and the insurance industry needs them in order to effectively sell to this new customer base. Not only will the current insurance workforce need to be replaced in the coming years, it’ll need a new set of skills that only a younger generation possesses.

It’s sustainable

Even though Millennials are less concerned with the amount of money they make, they still need a sustainable career to support themselves (and pay off ever-growing student debt). The insurance industry employs and provides financial stability to over 2.3 million people in America, with constant opportunities for growth. A fulfilling career is not all about a paycheck, but it’s certainly part of it.

Opportunity to help others

For a Millennial, the most appealing thing about a career in insurance may be the ability to help and make a difference in the lives of others. Their job is to provide people with coverage that protects them during difficult and disastrous times. Providing customers with affordable policies to give them the peace of mind they need and deserve is a reward in itself.

Insurance may not be the first industry a Millennial’s mind reverts to when thinking about a career, but it offers more in the way of fulfillment and job satisfaction than most would think. If you or someone you know is considering a career as an independent agent, get in touch with us here for more information and to get started!