No matter how long you’ve been in the insurance business, you should never feel like you’ve learned everything about it and your competitors.

If you do feel that way, in any capacity, it’s time to ask the tough questions. Successful agents are constantly learning and looking for ways to improve their practices. Follow suit and read up on the latest trends, news and technology that could impact your agency and clients.

Identify Useful Resources

Keep a list of websites, blogs and social pages on record that you can reference when you’re looking for new information. GoogleTrends, Google Alerts, Feedly, and other similar programs are easy ways to receive new, constant information regarding the insurance industry and are especially useful for areas you’re unfamiliar with. Staying up-to-date with your industry’s news and trends is an essential part of any business’s success. You likely wouldn’t bank somewhere that doesn’t offer online banking, so don’t be that bank for your prospects.

Do Some Self-Evaluation

You have set practices and you’re used to them. But are they still beneficial to your business and potential prospects? Ask yourself what’s working well and what needs some revamping. Be honest and objective – just because a certain approach gets the job done doesn’t necessarily mean it’s as efficient or effective as it could be. Explore other options, ask trusted mentors and do some research. You might find the way you’re used to is costing you time, money and is potentially outdated.

Don’t Be Afraid of Change

It might seem daunting to learn a new system or industry aspect, but remember that adaptability is beneficial and keeps you relevant. Hire someone to redesign (or launch) your personal site or social pages to be more available for your clients and prospects. Get in the habit of posting regularly and keeping in contact with your audience. Taking the time to embrace change and adapt to it will make you a trusted resource in your industry, and is more likely to help bring in new business.

It’s up to you to ask yourself the questions you know need answers. Staying ahead of the information curve is what your clients will expect from you and you should begin expecting it from yourself. Once you focus on your personal development growth, the growth of your agency should soon follow.