Existing Agencies Grow with MIAA

October 13, 2017

At the Midwest Insurance Agency Alliance (MIAA), we work with many different types of agents and agencies to help them start, continue and even grow their independent ownership. While many join MIAA to get a leg up as they hope to start their own agency and are in the beginning stages of agency ownership, we also work with agencies that have been in the insurance business for years.

If you’re an already existing agency, you might be curious how joining MIAA will better your business. What will you get out of being a part of MIAA? While there are numerous ways MIAA can help an established insurance agency, here are a few you’ll want to consider:

Staying Up to Date Within the Industry

Sometimes, it’s hard to keep with all the changes happening within the insurance industry. Has this been a struggle for you? Between new products, new clients and new marketing strategies coming all the time, it’s nice to have someone there to back you up and teach you ongoing strategies for your business. MIAA can be that support, with our experienced staff ready to help you grow and insurance agency grow, even through all the changes. For example, every year, we host a convention for our members to continue learning new strategies and to network with others in the insurance industry so you won’t fall behind.

Greater Access to Companies

One benefit many of our members speak of when they join MIAA is the increased access to larger and different companies. When you’re independent and small, it can be hard to get into contracts that meets every need of your consumers. When you join MIAA, you become instantly big and have the ability to diversify the carriers you can offer to your clients.

Does MIAA sound like it could be a good fit for your agency? Visit our website to get started and to learn more about joining the MIAA family.