As a captive insurance agent, it’s only natural to wonder what it’s like to work on the independent agency side.  Our opinion?  It’s much better, and here’s why.

Higher commissions.  According to, the average commissions for independent agents can be 5-10% higher than captive agents.

Flexibility in carriers. Independent insurance agents are not immune to rate increases.  However, they have many other carriers to move business to if a carrier decides to take rate!

Flexibility in selling. Tired of having life insurance production requirements tied to your commission and bonus levels?  As an independent agent, life insurance production is up to you. If you don’t want to do life insurance you can focus on property and casualty production. You are free to make the rules that work for your business.

Better retention. Independent agencies retain above 90% of their customers and they also have a closing ratio of over 70%.  This is because they have many more carriers.

Bonuses. You get bonus money on top of your commissions‒ independent agency owners range upwards of 9-10% additional income.   You can think of that as an effective rate of commission of 25%!

Be your own boss. No one enjoys a district manager hammering them every month for improvements, additions, or money.  Being an independent agent allows you to be your own boss and not have to worry about someone else looking over your shoulder all the time.

Control over your brand. Retirement should be a time of happiness; a time you reap the benefits of all the hard work, dedication, and at times, sacrifices you have made over many years.  Nothing’s more disappointing than handing over the work you did for a company for a predetermined price, or worse, for free.  As an independent agency owner, your company is YOURS, and before retiring, you can sell it on the open market to the highest bidder.

MIAA is dedicated to helping you make the transition from a fed-up captive agent to a satisfied, successful, and most importantly, happy, independent.