business woman working on computer at deskWe all have days at the office that are spent mindlessly scrolling through Facebook or staring out the window while our mind wanders off. It happens; getting off task from time to time is inevitable. However, if you or your employees are spending more time doodling on sticky notes than getting real work done, there’s likely a problem, and it’s definitely affecting your business’s productivity.

If an inability to focus or lack of motivation has become an issue at your office, know that there are several easy things you can to do to improve morale and efficiency among your employees. Sometimes subtle changes in the work environment are all that is necessary, and other times participation of the entire staff is needed. If your agency could use a shot of productivity, have your employees try these strategies to get back on track and ultimately see more success:


Plan and prioritize

Organization is key in keeping stress under control and making the most out of your time. Before you begin each work day, set aside 15 to 30 minutes to go over your daily tasks. Decide which are most important and create a schedule accordingly. As you begin to work, focus on only one task at a time to avoid feeling overwhelmed.


Set goals.

Part of your daily planning should include setting goals for the day. Tell yourself, “I want to get this, this, and this done by the end of the day.” Make a physical list and hang it somewhere at your desk so you can refer back to it throughout the day. As you cross tasks off your lists, you’ll feel more accomplished and motivated to complete the rest.


Take breaks.

Sometimes the answer is as simple as it seems; if you’re feeling antsy or like you can’t focus, take a short break. Go outside and circle the block or just take a lap around the office. Research shows that taking a time-out and doing something unrelated to work for a while can do wonders for productivity. Grabbing a coffee or chatting about weekend plans with a colleague can give your mind time to regroup and leave you feeling refreshed for the next several hours.


Disable notifications.

Texts, social media, and emails are sure-fire ways to distract you while you’re at work. If you feel like the constant buzzes and chimes aren’t allowing you to get anything done, put your phone on silent and exit out of your email for awhile. Obviously it’s important to check your messages several times throughout the day, but we’ve all been in that situation where we glanced at a tweet that took us down a YouTube rabbit hole for hours at a time.


Jazz up your workspace.

A messy work area may be plaguing your productivity more than you think. Even if you’re not explicitly thinking about it, an unorganized desk is constantly reminding you of yet another task you need to complete, which leads to stress, anxiety, and lack of focus. Take the time to clean out old files and organize office supplies. In addition to cleaning up, adding colorful artwork, personal knickknacks, or small plants to your workspace will make you feel more comfortable and lead to increased productivity.


Dragging yourself out of bed and heading to the office on Monday mornings might never become an easy task, but there are things you can do to ensure your employees aren’t spending their days desperately waiting for 5 o’clock to roll around. Try these tips for increased productivity in the workplace and reap the benefits of happier, more successful employees!